Cyclo-ssage Therapy

Cyclo-ssage Therapy System

Non invasive massage option, the Cyclo-ssage Therapy System is a medically approved device which uses a combination of cycloidal oscillation and infrared heat to alleviate the secondary symptoms of many health conditions.

How it works


The Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy System contains nine massage units, which each produce a three-dimensional massage action known as Cycloidal Oscillation. Non-percussive and multi directional this soothing action penetrates deep into the muscle tissue with no adverse side effects.
Producing increased muscle activity and dramatically improved localised blood circulation; Cycloidal massage will alleviate the secondary symptoms of many medical conditions and will assist the body to generally work more efficiently.
Cycloidal massage therapy is often the preferred choice of medical practitioners and professionals rather than a percussive type of massage due to its non-aggressive action but also because of its effectiveness in providing on going pain relief medication free.


The Massage Therapy System has two separate infrared heat Zones that contain a total of six infrared heat lenses. Each infrared zone can be simply controlled to target the correct level of infrared heat to relieve the secondary symptoms of your condition
in a particular area.
Far infrared is a safe and soothing heat source, which penetrates deep into the soft tissue, dilating blood vessels, relaxing tired and aching muscles.
The bodies’ natural healing process is accelerated and the immune system is also encouraged to work more efficiently resulting in improved health and well-being.

It has positive effects on:

  • Blood circulation
  • muscle and joints
  • the Lymphatic system

It assists in pain relief, helps reduce medication and aids in relaxation.

Pain relief:

Designed to support the back; hip and knee joints in a comfortable and relaxing position during your treatments, Cyclo-ssage uses a combination of targeted oscillating massage and infrared heat to increase blood and lymphatic circulation to the problem area, reducing muscle spasm and localised pain.

Pressure on the Sciatic Nerve can also be reduced, relieving pain, discomfort and immobility often associated with Sciatic pain.


A specific massage program that produces an upward massage action directed towards the heart can be selected which will drain toxin to be recycled by the body.

Health Conditions

  • back pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • sciatica
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • stress, insomnia, migraines
  • chronic fatigue/ME
  • fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • oedema and lymphedema
  • diabetes
  • plantar fasciitis
  • sports performance; injury and recovery
Cyclo-ssage Therapy System

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